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New Arrives

Frame Minerals

Wooden frame - gold color contains 50 Peruvian stones - Used to learn the types of minerals and their chemical composition.


Dolls Alpaca

Cute bears made of natural alpaca wool are really very soft to the touch. Made in Peru with a lot of love for you.

bears oso alpaca 1_edited.jpg

Stones Tree 

Pyrite tree 

pyrite tree with base pyrite modelo.jpg

Pyrite Chispa 

Pyrite Chispa good quality 

Sizes mixed

From Perú 


Animals of soap stone

Made with soap stone, handmade in Perú.

animales jabon grupo soap stone animals_

Pyrite Animals

Cute animals and pyramid made with natural pyrite in Peru. For decoration or gift.

animales de pirita varios.jpg
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